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Best exclusive Vostok Russian watches

From the official representative of the watch factory Vostok

Russian military watches

Diving watch

Classic Vostok style

Raketa "SAILOR" 0267



Caliber:  2624
Functions Automatic winding for 24 hours
Number of stones:  24
Control provisions:  4
Daily course:  -10+20
Average power reserve:  40
Fluctuations per hour:  18.000 / 2.5GHz
Automatic winding direction in two directions:  Yes
Automatic winding unit shutdown system for manual winding:  Yes
Decor:  Print



Material:   Stainless steel


Size:   44 mm

Dial Glass:   Sapphire
Rear window:   Mineral

Rotating bezel:   No

Crown:   Screw-on head
Water protection:   20 ATM
Arrows:   Superluminova
Dial:   Superluminova
Paul:   Male
Case thickness:   13.55 mm
Length (from ear to ear):   50.4 mm


Material:   Genuine leather
Belt width:   22 mm


A limited edition of self-winding Russian watches for lovers of the sea.

The design of the dial is interwoven with the designations of the cardinal signs of the sea, which protect navigational hazards, and the names of the sea watches with the corresponding time intervals during which Russian sailors are on duty. The word "RAKETA" and the numbers from "0” to "9” are written using the ”naval alphabet" of signal flags, which are used in the navy to transmit messages between ships around the world.

If navigation devices fail on the ship, the dial for 24 hours can be used as a solar compass. It is enough to point the hour hand at the sun, and the mark "24" will point to the North.

The reliable Russian “Rocket-Automaton" mechanism is decorated with an image from Soviet archives and has no analogues in watchmaking


This watch model is available to order! Price 2648 USD

 The order for this model is sent within 10-15 working days. Delivery is carried out by EMS . With insurance and declared value. The cost of delivery is 99 USD. The delivery time depends on the country of delivery.