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Raketa "COPERNICUS" 0280



Caliber:   2615
Functions:   Automatic winding
Number of stones:   24
Control provisions:   4
Daily course:   -10+20
Average power reserve:   40
Fluctuations per hour:   18.000 / 2.5GHz
Automatic winding direction in two directions:   Yes
Automatic winding unit shutdown system for manual winding:   Yes
Gilding, Nevsky waves - Handmade, Engraving, Printing


Material:   Stainless Steel PVD Black
Size:   40.5 mm
Dial Glass:   Sapphire
Rear window:   Mineral
Rotating bezel:   No
Water protection:   5 ATM

Natural gems: aventurine and yellow agate
Paul:   Unisex
Case thickness:   16.55 mm
Length (from ear to ear):   45 mm

Material:   Genuine leather
Belt width:   22 mm


Space on the wrist

This self-winding watch, released in a limited edition of 300 copies, takes you back to the origins of reading time, when our ancestors determined time by looking at the sky: to find out the time, you will observe the movement and position of the three planets (arrows) relative to the Sun. At the same time, you will enjoy the beautiful choreography of these planets intertwining around the Sun (yellow agate) against the background of stars sparkling in space (dark blue aventurine).

Working on the creation of the Soviet Copernicus model, the designers of the Rocket took as a basis the following idea: a large circle (minute hand) symbolizes the Earth, a smaller circle (hour hand) Jupiter. Why? The Earth travels one revolution around the Sun in 1 year, and Jupiter in 12 years, exactly the same ratio between the minute and hour hands of Copernicus: the hour hand rotates on the dial 12 times slower than the minute hand.

Russian engineers of the Raketa Watch Factory have equipped this watch with an automatic movement, fully developed and manufactured in St. Petersburg


This watch model is available to order! Price 2302 USD

 The order for this model is sent within 10-15 working days. Delivery is carried out by EMS . With insurance and declared value. The cost of delivery is 99 USD. The delivery time depends on the country of delivery.