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Best exclusive Vostok Russian watches

From the official representative of the watch factory Vostok

Russian military watches

Diving watch

Classic Vostok style




Caliber:   2615
Functions:   Automatic winding
Number of stones:   24
Control provisions:   4
Daily course:   -10+20
Average power reserve:   40
Fluctuations per hour:   18.000 / 2.5GHz
Automatic winding direction in two directions:   Yes
Automatic winding unit shutdown system for manual winding:   Yes
Decor:   Nevsky waves - Handmade + Print


Material:   Stainless steel

Size:   38.8 mm
Dial Glass:   Sapphire
Rear window:   Mineral
Rotating bezel:   No
Water protection:   10 ATM
Dial:   Natural gems: black jade, white jade, violan
Paul:   Unisex

Case thickness:   12.65 mm
Length (from ear to ear):   49.9 mm


Material:   Genuine leather

Belt width:   20 mm



Petrodvorets Watch Factory


Many will admire it. Some won't understand

This watch is the result of a collaboration between the Watch Factory “Rocket" and the State Tretyakov Gallery.

We have created a watch in an abstract style that does not follow the usual rules of classical aesthetics. Just as in 1915, the Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich painted the most abstract painting in the world — "The Black Supremacist Square".

For Malevich, the "Black Square" symbolizes a "huge Zero": the end of the previous period of art development and the beginning of a new artistic reality devoid of any associations with the objective world. Over time, this painting has had a huge impact on contemporary art and has become one of the most recognizable in the world.

At first glance, it may seem that most people will not like the Big Zero Rocket watch Malevich". But those who are ready to abandon the traditional classics and step into a new aesthetic reality created from scratch will love them. Exactly like the "Black Square".

The handmade dial is made in the form of a mosaic of three gems: black jade, white jade and violana. The natural pattern of the stone resembles craquelures - cracks that form in Malevich's painting over the years. Thanks to this, each instance of the watch is unique*. The self-winding movement was produced at the Raketa Watch Factory in St. Petersburg.

Part of the proceeds will be transferred to the State Tretyakov Gallery.

*Each watch face is made of natural stone with the help of a handmade craftsman, so it may differ from the image presented on the website.


This watch model is available to order! Price 2763 USD

 The order for this model is sent within 10-15 working days. Delivery is carried out by EMS . With insurance and declared value. The cost of delivery is 99 USD. The delivery time depends on the country of delivery.